About us

Founded in 2013 & based in Glenwood Durban, Piano-Forte is a dynamic piano studio committed to musical excellence & infused with a deep passion for music. 

Our multifaceted approach focuses on developing many key musical skills right from the start including technique, rhythm, dynamic control, sight reading & knowledge of music theory. This results in a strong foundation & amazing progress in a short space of time.

Lessons are tailored to each unique individual with a large amount of individual attention. Students also receive guidance between lessons which enhances their progress. Our students are dynamic pianists & are able to play diverse range of musical styles including classical, contemporary, jazz, Spanish, Bollywood & more.
Many students have completed Trinity College London & IEB music exams (theory & practical). In 2022 & 2023, we had a 100% distinction rate with a number of students achieving over 90% which qualifies them among the top achievers in the province.
Our studio has a strong focus on musical performance & we work on bringing out the strong, confident performer in every individual. Students often share their music at concerts hosted by The SA Society of Music Teachers as well as at various schools in Durban. We also host our own recital at the end of each year. In 2019, students had the exciting opportunity to record their music at the prestigious Playhouse Recording Studio. During the pandemic we also continued to share our music through online recitals which was an incredible anchor for us all during a turbulent & unpredictable time.

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