About us

Teaching & playing the piano are among my biggest passions in life. At PianoForte, our biggest goal is guiding students to become the best pianists they can be while having lots of fun! 
Founded in 2013 & based in Musgrave Durban, we are a modern, dynamic & proudly diverse piano studio, teaching students from various walks of life aged 6 to 60! Students play & explore a wide variety of musical genres (classical, jazz, Bollywood, Latin, worship & more), however our biggest focus is on contemporary music. 
PianoForte hosts a number of recitals each year to develop our students’ confidence in performing for an audience. We also encourage all students to share their music with others by performing at school events, recitals & competitions. I’ve had many students, (children, teenagers & adults) who initially did not believe they would be able to perform in front of an audience of strangers. It brings me great joy to help these students conquer their fears & achieve something they previously thought was impossible. 
In our lessons, we focus on many different aspects of music including technical skills, rhythm & reading sheet music in addition to building a robust knowledge of musical theory. Students play an active role in setting musical goals & develop self discipline by practicing diligently several times a week. 
Many of our students have excelled in music theory & practical exams with Trinity College London, with all students achieving distinctions & merit passes. 
Above all else, lessons at PianoForte are infused with fun, deeply nurturing our students’ appreciation for music.